Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shaeek Siddiqui/ Shakeel Siddique Also known as Shana Shakeel, He is an Pakistani Comedian Actress. He is now known for his outclass acting in the Sony Tv Show, Comedy Circus.

His performance in this program gained him alot of respect worldwide for his comedy. His style of comedy is appreciated all over the world.

Some of his favourite dialogs

 "Manhoos Aurat(Unlucky Women)
 Satyanash ho Tera(Curse You)
 Allah Maaf Kare(God forgive me)
 Khuda Ki kasam(Swear to god)
 Jahil Aurat(Illiterate and dumb Women)"


Shakeel Siddiqui while having a cup of tea.
Shakeel Siddiqui performing comedy with India's tv vamp actress, Urvashi

Favourite Perfomances


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